Data Hazards Workshop at the Bristol Data & AI Showcase

Data can do so much good, but it can also reinforce existing bias if it’s not used properly. Join us at the Bristol Data & AI Showcase on Tuesday 7 June 2022, for a free Data Hazards workshop at our  to explore the ethical issues of #data and #AI.

Hear from the creators, Natalie Zelenka, Data Science Specialist, Jean Golding Institute, and Nina Di Cara, PhD student, Population Health Sciences, in a short video about the project.

Nina notes that “Data science is something that affects all of our lives in ways that we might not even realise”

Natalie notes that “one of the hazards that can happen in data science is reinforcing existing bias”. She goes on to mention that an example of this reinforced bias is when “soap dispensers don’t work if you have dark skin”. Natalie hopes that the Data Hazards workshop taking place during the Showcase will help to “change the culture of data science so that thinking about ethics is a core part of being a data scientist”.

Read more about the Data Hazards project.