JGI Seed corn funding call winners 2020 announced!

The Jean Golding Institute are delighted to announce the winners of the Seed corn funding call 2020.

This funding call has been successfully running for last three years and aims to support activities to foster interdisciplinary research in data science (including AI) and data-intensive research.

The Jean Golding Institute has funded a total of 32 seed corn projects since 2016. This year, we have been able to fund 10 projects and are grateful to have received funds from the Faculty of Arts and Strategic Funding in order to offer additional awards. Our winners this year are:

  • Oliver Davis, Claire Haworth and Nina Di Cara with ‘Mood music: using Spotify to infer wellbeing’
  • Brendan Smith and Mike Jones with ‘Digital humanities meets Medieval financial records: the receipt rolls of the Irish exchequer
  • Zoi Toumpakari, Ivan Palomares Carrascosa, Daniele Quercia and Luca Maria Aiello with ‘Automating food aggregation for nutrition and health research’
  • Avon Huxor, Emma Turner, Eleanor Walsh and Raul Santos-Rodriguez with ‘Elements of free text used in decision making: an exemplar from death reviews in prostate cancer and learning disabilities’
  • Jim Dunham, Gethin Williams, Nathan Lepora, Tony Pickering and Manuel Martinez Perez with ‘Decoding pain: development of a clinical tool to enable real-time data visualisation and analysis of human pain nerve activity’
  • Ranjeet Bhamber, Andrew Dowsey, Febe Van Maldegem and Julian Downward with ‘Super-charging single cell imaging pathology’
  • Elaine McGirr and Julian Warren with ‘Mapping Oliver Messel’
  • Liz Washbrook with ‘Mental health and educational achievement in two national contexts: a machine learning approach
  • Ella Gale, Natalie Fey, Craig Butts, Varinder Aggarwal with ‘Chemspeed data capture and curation’
  • Pierangelo Gobbo and Lars Bratholm with ‘Machine learning assisted polymer design’.

We will  be interested to hear how all these projects progress this year and will report back on their progress in the summer of 2020. Our next Seed corn funding call will be in the Autumn of 2020.

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