Seed Corn Funding 2021 announcement

The Jean Golding Institute is delighted to announce the winners of the Seed Corn Funding call 2021.  

We are very grateful to our community as we received so many high-level applications during these challenging times and were able to select 12 fantastic projects.  

This funding call aims to support activities to foster interdisciplinary research in data science (including AI) and data-intensive research.  

It has now been successfully running for last four years and the Jean Golding Institute has funded a total of 42 seed corn projects (you can see the outputs of the projects on our website) 


Our winners this year are: 

  • Chris Mc Williams (Engineering Maths) with ‘The ‘symbolic annihilation of women’ in primary school literature. 
  • Christopher Williamson and Matthew Jones (Geographical Sciences) with ‘Convolutional Neural Networks for Environmental monitoring’ 
  • Richard Owen, Vivienne Kuh and James Ladyman (Management) with ‘What is the best relationship between humans and AI? Investigating researcher perceptions of AI through immersive experience.’ 
  • Cheryl McQuire, Luisa Zucculo, Christopher Woods and Mike Jones (Centre for Public Health / Bristol Medical School) with ‘Pandemics and ‘infodemics’: the nature, extent and reach of public health misinformation on social media during the COVID-19 pandemic.’ 
  • Valerrio Maggio, Oliver Davis and Claire Haworth (MRC Integrative Epidemiology Unit / Bristol Medical School) with ‘Secure machine learning on sensitive ground truth data held by UK birth cohorts’ 
  • Sam Gunner, Ella Voyagaki and Maria Pregnolato (Engineering) with ‘A Digital Twin Enabler for the Clifton Suspension Bridge: an open-interface structural model’ 
  • Kevon Parmeser (Bristol Medical School) with ‘Evaluating fairness, bias and equality in Artificial Intelligence for skin disease.’ 
  • Sebastian Steinig, Dan Lunt, Kieren Pitts and Caitlyn Witkowski (Geographical Sciences) with ‘Earth’s climate at your fingertips: connecting multidisciplinary environmental sciences and the public through interactive data exploration’ 
  • Ahmed Elkaheen and Matteo Sattler (MRC Integrative Epidemiology Unit / Bristol Medical School) with ‘Effects of adolescent physical activity on physical and mental health in adulthood: novel multivariate pattern analysis of the intensity spectrum’ 
  • Denize Atan and Neil Davies (Translational Health Sciences / Bristol Medical School) with ‘Non-invasive imaging of the eye to predict Alzheimer’s disease’ 
  • Pau Erola, Tom Gaunt and Richard Martin (Population Health Science / Bristol Medical School) with ‘Pilot Assessment of Cancer Risk After SARS-COV-19′ 
  • Xin Fei and Xiaojun Wang (Management) with ‘The effective deployment strategy of COVID-19 vaccines with various efficacies to mitigate the impacts of pandemic in the UK’ 

We are excited to hear how all these projects progress this year and will report back on their work in the summer of 2021. Our next Seed corn funding call will be in the Autumn of 2021. 

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