The Secrets of Brain Health at the Bristol Data & AI Showcase

Join us at the Bristol Data & AI Showcase on Tuesday 7 June 2022, to get to know your brain, with an immersive virtual reality experience using real MRI data. Learn about brain development and keeping your brain healthy.

Hear from creator James Pollock, Immersive Media Designer, BDH Immersive, in a short video about the project.

James notes that the project “showcases the latest research into brain health”, using VR. He goes on to note that VR is beneficial as it “allows you to see things that are beneath the skin”, “on scales that are very small”, but in a way that “is immersive”.

James goes on to talk about the VR experience, noting that attendees will be able to see “three different stories about brain development”, which range from “how your brain develops from when you are a newborn” to “how learning a musical instrument can fundamentally change the way your brain works”.