Ask JGI Student Experience Profiles: Lily Tu

Ask JGI Student: Lily Tu
Lily Tu, 3rd year PhD student, in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Bristol

JGI Student Experience Profiles: Lily Tu (Ask-JGI Data Science Support 2022-23)

I came across machine learning models in a summer project just before my PhD and have since been looking to incorporate it into my PhD project, as data analysis forms a big part of my research field. I applied to join the Ask-JGI team so that I can share my experience and understanding of data science with other researchers across the university, as well as expand my horizon of how data science is applied in other disciplines. I found that the Ask-JGI team is a really good community of PGRs at similar stages as me. Although no one is supposed to know every aspect of data science, it was a great experience to discuss the queries over the weekly meetings and learn from each other.

From the technical aspect, I have worked with queries ranging from machine translation, data visualisation for biology experimental data, to spectral data in earth science. It was a great opportunity to hone my communication skills through talking to people from unfamiliar research backgrounds, getting hold of the key question that they want support from and sending through my thoughts and ideas. I think it’s an essential skill to have and prepares me well in future inter-disciplinary collaborations.

From the non-technical aspect, there’re lots of great initiatives and ad-hoc activities coming through the mailbox. I’ve attended the AI UK conference in London this year and helped at the e-scooter stand. It was good to have the exposure to communities outside my research field. I also took part in the DataFace project and did some filming for data analysis skill videos – that was some media experience I’d otherwise not have gained just from my PhD.