Ask JGI Student Experience Profiles: Matt Chandler

Ask JGI Student: Matt Chandler
Matt Chandler, 3rd year PhD student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering

JGI Student Experience Profiles: Matt Chandler (Ask-JGI Data Science Support 2022-23)

Over the past year I’ve found my experience working with the Ask-JGI service really rewarding. I was keen to apply as I was looking for an exposure to the wider world of research being done at Bristol, which is something I have definitely achieved along the way. An aspect I was most surprised by was how relevant a lot of my previous experience in data analysis was, in topics very far removed from my own area of research. Whether it be statistics, coding advice, data ethics or visualization, data is data regardless of where it came from. And when things came up which I had not encountered before, having a team there with a range of different backgrounds made it a lot easier to get up to speed.

A part of the job I’ve most enjoyed was helping out with a range of events throughout the year. The highlights include assisting in the delivery of one of UKRN’s Train-the-Trainer workshops, working a stall at AI UK 2023 on sensing air quality, and the launch of the Ask-JGI Roadshow this year in which the team would visit departments across the university to have a more informal opportunity to engage with researchers about their data. A few of these conversations then lead to more in-depth assistance and advice. If you see an upcoming Roadshow in your department and have a question you would like answering (or even if you don’t!), I would definitely recommend going along.

The Ask-JGI team has made this year a really enjoyable experience. As a cohort, we’ve come together to deliver much better advice than any individual would be able to, and it means we’ve been able to rely on one another when our individual research projects took up more time. I would strongly recommend applying to anyone with even a vague interest in data science. It’s an amazing opportunity for development and networking, and allows you to immerse yourself in the wider community at Bristol.