Introducing “Spotlight on Data”

Unsurprisingly, at the Jean Golding Institute, we love data. Datasets are not only an intrinsic part of research, they are also an important (and REF-able!) output. By publishing research data, we invite people to build on our research and we also make our own results easier to reproduce. At the University of Bristol, this is made easier by having access to the data.bris research data repository.

In the coming year, the Jean Golding Institute would like to celebrate researchers at the University of Bristol by shining a spotlight on their data.bris datasets. We’ll be doing this in the format of interview blog posts with the researcher.

We’re looking forward to sharing our first Spotlight on Data blog post in January, when we will be talking to David Troy about lager and open research and his datasets on “Effect of glass markings on drinking rate in social alcohol drinkers”. Take a look at study one and study two via data.bris.

Blog piece written by Natalie Thurlby, Data Scientist at the Jean Golding Institute.