Announcing the Jean Golding Institute Seed corn winners 2019

We were really impressed with the quality of applications for this year’s round of funding and are very pleased to announce the JGI Seed corn fund winners for 2019:

  • Peter Bennett, Robert Arbon & Alex Jones for their project ‘Audio-visual display of protein dynamics using deep learning and classical composition’
  • Catherine Dodds & Peter Keogh for their project ‘ReUsing Qualitative Datasets to Understand Shifts in HIV Prevention 1997-2013’
  • Chris Adams, Dima Damen & Natalie Fey for their project ‘EPIC Lab: Generating a first-person (egocentric) vision dataset for practical chemistry – data analysis and educational opportunities’
  • David Sweeting, Hen Wilkinson, Bobby Stuijfzand & Derek Edwards for their project ‘From conflict to collaboration: visualizing shifts in group energy to support creativity’
  • Matthew Avison for his project ‘Multi-task learning for antimicrobial resistance’
  • Stephen Chuter, Jonathan Rougier & Jonathan Bamber for their project ‘Interactive visualisation of Antarctic mass trends from 2003 until present’

Additionally, we have agreed to support the following workshops:

  • Rachel Denholm, Rupert Payne, Jonathon Lawry & Philip Harfield for a workshop on ‘Optimising the analysis of routine administrative health records: making better use of data science methodologies’
  • Ivan Palomares Carrascosa for a workshop on ‘RESULTS: REcommender Systems for engaging Users with healthy Living habiTS’

Keep an eye on the JGI website and blog for updates on these projects throughout 2019.

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